I enjoy being part of Network because …

"A church so much like the 'book of Acts' – authentic & real."

"So proud, so grateful for being part of a church that loves, cares and is committed to one another."


"Continuous reminder of how to live ie Christian values."Girl and wavy lines


"Friendship & community."

"Discovering new teachings."

"Small group = deeper friendship, prayer life, accountability. Fun, food and time together."

"Network …..   family

being real with one another

every member ministry

Jesus at the centre

freedom to worship God

being open to holy spirit



 Sandros man
"Able to share time and prayer with each other."

"Love the fact we consider each other as family – sharing our weaknesses becomes easy! By sharing we gain strength. All this under the umbrella of Jesus' Kingdom."



"Pushes us out of comfort zone."

"Challenges us to grow & develop our walk with JESUS."

"Friendship, love & support."

"Learning from each other how Jesus impacts our lives and the reality of living for Him."
"A creative and loving environment where we are being discipled and learn what it means to be in a (righteous) relationship with God, others & ourselves."

'A source of wisdom."

"A sounding board for thoughts and arguments."

"Talented people."

"Good Bible teaching."IMAG0076


"Everyone doing their bit."

"Freedom to exercise gifts – 'all involved'."


"Network has been a 'coach' to me."

"Lots of self development/awareness since being here."

"Growing in community."

"Having an impact around the world directly and via the ministries we support."

"Even outside of the 'church' structure – we have felt more pastored and cared for by Network individuals than in any other 'church' context. We have felt accepted even in our minimal involvement. Truly PASTORAL CHURCH."

"Resourcing. Equipping. Empowering."

"Network Church allows us to be ourselves. It's great being with other believers and sense God's presence."

"People who help me grow as a person & as a Christian, and accept me as I am in the meantime!"

"A small but very authentic church with several ongoing projects."
Anyas picture 13th Nov 2016
"Giving support – making me feel encouraged – like comfortable pair of walking shoes. No rubbing, no blisters, able to walk with ease and reach destinations."


"Small group – 'bottom up' not 'top down'."


"Sharing the love of Jesus."


"What Network means to me : friendship, creative, open spaces to do things, consistency, encouraging, mission & witness"


"Mutual encouragement for independent journeys."

"Making up a church that is unique because of individuals being unique."

"Supported by people who really believe."

"Very informal & welcoming."

"Explore issues in depth, both in small groups and as part of the wider network."