Sunday meetings – what to expect

Network is a church with a difference

Network is shaped by Ephesians 4: we believe in 'people power' - every member equipped to live for Jesus in every area of our lives and to be carriers of God's kingdom.

What does this look like in practice? Our church of less than 60 adults has 20 people on the speaking team, 8 people taking turns in leading Sunday worship, 7 people who can lead the service. The leadership team intentionally give room to others.

We do not put the best first, we put dreams first. How does anyone grow in their talent? They need space, opportunity, coaching. We try to give this, whether in worship, speaking, leading, or giving a word, prayer or prophesy on a Sunday.

We support people in their sphere of influence, whether it be the school gate, the boardroom, volunteering, or being a professional gardener or artist. We think what you do 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday is important, and every Sunday we give space for you to encourage others by telling your story of what God has done this week.

Our midweek small groups are the heart of Network, the building blocks, the foundation where each of the 'one another' statements by Jesus can be carried out, such as “bear with each other” (Col 3:13), "encourage one another” (Heb 10:25), and 57 others. The small groups give space to do this, as we minister to and pastor one another.

There is no one person leading the church, leadership at Network is a team of 5 people, augmented by the small group leaders. We are a church of members ministering together, learning together, growing together, with leaders supporting, encouraging and coaching.

Looking for a church with a difference? Try Network.

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